The doctor's creativity

Creativity, innovation et independence.

The doctor in law helps in the creation and diffusion of knowledge. It stimulates innovation, crosses obstacles, tackles the most controversial and thorny issues, constructs demonstrations and develops independent theories.

As a professional researcher, the doctor has an excellent command of the creation and management of large-scale projects.

His pen and his creativity are his weapons.

The flexibility of a consultant

Reactivity, adaptability et flexibility

The attorney works full time on your project/file/case and adapts its services to your needs.  

Thanks to its strong professional ethics, the 21st century Attorney reinvents himself every day. It supports multidisciplinary projects and dialogue with various professions to ensure the proper understanding and implementation of law. It creates bridges among sectors and industries, it empowers actors through its mastery of Law & Policy. 

The guarantees of an Attorney


Loyalty, confidentiality and professional secret.

As an auxiliary of justice, the Attorney must exercise his functions with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity.

He is obliged to respect a certain number of legal and ethical rules in the exercise of his profession and in his extra-professional relations.

These rules offer real guarantees to clients, particularly in the context of international and regional high-profile projects/initiatives, which are often very sensitive.