Work, publications, conferences, teachings

Latest Achievements

To understand the type of work that VTA TASSIN performs

  • H2020 Projects
  • Legal and policy issues related to sustainable fisheries in the South China Sea
  • Project to advance sustainable fisheries’ cooperation in the South China Sea
  • Project to advance the sustainable development of the marine space and resources of the Indian Ocean
  • Project to advance High Education partnerships to promote Indian Ocean Governance for the new generations
  • Regulation of offshore platforms
  • Illegal Fisheries : Implementation of the FAO Port State Measure Agreement and EU Mechanisms
  • EU Common Fisheries Policy and Human rights
  • Impact of BBNJ Agreement on the private sector
  • Digital cooperation and sustainable development :  data sharing and data analytics
  • Challenges attached to the interaction between the regime of the continental shelf and the one of the high seas (UNCLOS)
  • Capacity training sessions for the private sector (Law of the Sea, Environmental Law, BBNJ issues, Deep sea Mining, Implementation of SDG 14 …)
  • Pro Bono activities : New Expert role for the World Ocean Council (NGO)
  • New Book contract signed with Routledge on “Deep sea Mining & the Law of the Sea” (co-edited together with Robert Makgill) – Forthcoming in 2020



Lastest publications

To promote knowledge sharing to any actors, be they novices or experts 

Between freedom and control: the regulation of marine scientific research on the continental shelf (2018)

Article written by Dr. Tassin Campanella  published in the book “Knowing the Oceans for Achieving Sustainable Development” (INDEMER, Pedone, 2018)

Le plateau continental (2017)

Article written in French by Dr. Tassin Campanella published in  “Traité de droit international de la mer”  (Forteau & Thouvenin Dir), (Pedone, 2017).

Territorial and Maritime Dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia) (2016)

Authored by Dr. Tassin Campanella and published in the book entitled “Latin America and the International Court of Justice”, JM Sorel and PW Almeida (eds), Routledge 2016, pp. 225-236.

Le droit de la mer au XXIeme siècle (2016)

Authored by Dr. Tassin Campanella and published in France Forum, Perspectives : Innovation, N°63, pp. 45-46.

La contribution de l'affaire Bangladesh / Inde au droit international (2016)

Authored by Dr. Tassin Campanella and published in the Annuaire Français du Droit International 2014

International Seabed Authority + European Union Chronicles (2010-2017)

Chronicles written by Dr. Tassin Campanella in French (around 30 pages each) published since 2010/2012 in the Annuaire du droit de la mer (INDEMER, Pedone)

Latest conferences

To debate and share with any type of audiences on topics linked to my expertise & my experience

30th Anniversary of the International Law Maritime Institute of Malta (2019)

Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella was invited to attend the 30th Graduation Ceremony of the International Maritime Institute of Malta, in presence of Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization.

Sustainable Ocean Summit (Hong Kong, 2018)

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to present  on the Impact of the BBNJ Agreement on the Ocean Business Community. Panel President : Serge Segura, French Ocean Ambassador.

"Les droits de l'homme et la mer" (Le Mans, 2018)

Dr. Tassin Campanella presented  with Dr. Schneider the following research : “Ressources biologiques marines et droits de l’homme” (Marine biological resources & human rights)

Assises de la mer (Le Havre, 2017)

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to present on “The Future of Law and Obligations in the High Seas”.

"Knowing the Ocean for achieving Sustainable Development" (Monaco, 2017)

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to present the challenges attached to the regulation of Marine Scientific Research on the Continental Shelf. 

"Ocean Commons: Common heritage, MGR & Biodiversity conservation in ABNJ" (Rome, 2017)

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to present the complex interaction between the regime of the continental shelf and the one of the high seas in the context of the  BBNJ Agreement

Latest teachings

To make the new generations aware of the importance and fragility of oceans & seas and hopefully to inspire some vocations!


Law of the Sea Academy - Kadir Has University (2018)

Dr. Tassin Campanella taught two classes to a group of undergraduate, graduate and professional students : “Protection and preservation of the marine environment ” and “Maritime areas beyond national jurisdiction: the Area” (Intensive classes delivered in English)

For the year 2019, Dr. Tassin Campanella will be teaching two new subjects “Various types of damages to the marine environment” and “Marine Governance”.


Nippon Foundation Programme - ITLOS (2018 & 2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella delivered a class to  Nippon Fellows of ITLOS on the Delimitation of the Extended Continental Shelf (cases 23 and 16 of ITLOS) (in English).

Nanterre University (2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella is teaching a class  on the “Marine Environment: Protection & Resources) designed for Master Students and Professionals (25h in French)

Lille University (Law) (2018 & 2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella is teaching a class on Pollution & Oceanology to Master Students of the Law of the Sea Master (20h in French)

HEC Paris (2018 & 2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella is teaching undergraduate students a pluridisciplinary class on “International Ocean Governance” (20h in English)

Sciences Po Paris (since 2016)

Dr. Tassin Campanella co-created and is co-teaching a simulation class “Richelieu 3.0” designed for Master Students of Sciences Po and HEC on Maritime strategy and sustainable development (8h in French).