Practice Areas

Fishing & Fisheries

Biodiversity conservation & use


Earth Observation & Outer Space

Ocean and Outer Space Data

International Organizations

International Affairs and Organizations

Sustainability / ESG

Maritime Boundaries

Ocean Trade

Shipping & Tourism

Blue Carbon

Blue Carbon / Climate Change

Polar challenges

Mining & Infrastructures

Current Scope of Work

A unique practice replying to ocean challenges


  • Advisory Opinion: feasibility and strategies on deepsea mining, fisheries and ocean sciences (worldwide)
  • Biodiversity: BBNJ Agreement impact on the Private Sector and positioning strategies (Europe, Asia), Environmental Impact Assessment regulations, Marine Genetic resources & biotechnology, ESG & Biodiversity (worldwide)
  • Boundary delimitation: case strategy and preparation, delineation and delimitation of continental shelf/EEZ, joint management of natural resources (worldwide)
  • Capacity Building & Technology Transfer: BBNJ Agreement  (ASEAN & Indian Ocean Region and Pacific)
  • Carbon storage : regulatory framework and associated risks (Europe)
  • Climate Change: acidification, regional planning, decarbonisation, changing maritime boundaries, sea level rise, social impacts and human rights (worldwide)
  • Cooperation & partnerships: public-private and multistakeholders (Arctic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, South China Sea)
  • Data: access, sharing, analytics, Digital cooperation for sustainable development, digitalization policies incl. EU Law and policies, Digital Twin  (Europe and worldwide)
  • Deep sea Mining: rights and obligations, local communities and indigenous peoples, precautionary approach, geopolitics of seabed, payment mechanism, management of seabed within and beyond national , seabed security (worldwide)
  • Dispute Settlement: negotiations, conciliation, ITLOS, ICJ or arbitration, feasibility strategies of cases (worldwide).
  • Earth Observation: Outer space and in situ, seabed mapping and observation, Argo and new technologies of observation, incl. Submarine cables (Worldwide)
  • Environmental Security : protection of natural resources including biological in dispute areas, cooperation frameworks strategy (Asia)
  • ESG & Blue Finance: standards and criteria, sectoral strategies, biodiversity and environment pillars (Europe and Asia)
  • Exploration & exploitation: Access, development and management of activities related to seabed and outer space resources (Europe, Africa, worldwide)
  • Geoengineering: regulatory framework and associated risks (worldwide)
  •  Hydrography & Bathymetry: ocean data collection & use, governance (worldwide)
  • International organisations: creation of & deployment strategies, rights, obligations & accountability, privileges & immunity, internal governance (Europe and worldwide)
  • Investments: assessment of investment strategies risks and of private entities, identification of investment benefits (Europe and Africa)
  • Local Communities : consultation, decision-making related to protected areas management, genetic resources and cultural heritage (worldwide)
  • Fisheries : fishery subsidies negotiations of WTO and developing countries, sustainable management of fisheries, fisheries cooperation in dispute areas, implementation of SDG14 (Asia, Africa, Pacific and Indian Ocean Region)
  • Fishing: Overcapacity and Overfishing, EU Fishing Capacity and EU law, bilateral agreement, Deep Sea Fisheries, Marine protected areas (Europe and worldwide)
  • Mapping : deep seabed mapping (worldwide)
  • Marine Protected Areas: regional cooperation, local communities’ rights, consistence of implementation through legal framework, precautionary approach, large marine protected areas, deep sea protected areas (Asia, Mediterranean Sea and Europe)
  • Marine Spatial Planning: creation of regional planning (Caribbean and Latin Americas)
  • Marine scientific research: new activities and scope of MSR (context of UN Decade of Ocean Science and IOC UNESCO) (worldwide)
  • Mining: national practice & regulation, deep sea mining, Moon mining, exploitation code of ISA, precautionary approach, advisory opinion strategies (worldwide)
  • Navigation: protection of the marine environment in times of war, navigation of warships, sustainable shipping and tourism (Asia)
  • Operational oceanography: ocean governance and implementation of UNCLOS, positioning strategies (Europe, Caribbean and Latin America)
  • Plastic: Plastic Treaty negotiations, Use, pollution and substitutes incl. bioplastic and seaweed, incl. EU law and policies (Europe and worldwide)
  • Precautionary Approach : legal implementation challenges and grey areas, marine protected areas, deep sea mining, geo-engineering (worldwide)
  • Restoration: EU restoration law, management of marine space and resources, UN decade of restoration (Europe and Africa)
  • Seabed extension (continental shelf): extension procedure and associated legal questions, delineation and delimitation, Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf for both States Party and Non States Parties to UNCLOS (worldwide)
  • Shipping: sustainable development law, blue finance, IMO regulations incl. Sulphur Cap, decarbonisation (Asia and Europe)
  • Submarine cables: laying authorisation, maintenance, security and regulation of submarine cables, grey areas of regulation for new submarine cables (worldwide)
  • Sustainability: EU Law and Policies, Greenwashing, Sustainable Strategy (Asia and Europe)