VTA Tassin

Public International Law Firm dedicated to Oceans & Seas



Founded in 2016, VTA Tassin is the first Public International Law firm solely dedicated to Oceans and Seas. Created to reply to the complex and multiple challenges linked to the use, management and protection of the marine environment and its resources, the law firm has a specific expertise in challenges raised by science, technology and innovation.

It advises public and private actors in developing, understanding and implementing Public International Law & Policy applied to Spaces and Resources (Ocean & Sea, Outerspace and related resources). It also provides support in the assessment and deployment of projects, products and services, placing international law & policy at the heart of the executive and strategic decision-making levels.

By working with traditional and emerging sectors of the Ocean and Space Economy, VTA Tassin has developed through the years a unique practice of Public International Law & Policy, using it not only for dispute settlement, but also as a powerful tool for peace, cooperation and business development.

International Multi-award winning law firm for legal excellence, leadership, as well as trailblazer & innovator, VTA Tassin is proficient in operating in the science-policy-business nexus and delivering unique advisory and capacity training services.


Research & Advice

Legal, Policy & Business Monitoring, Research and Advice


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Creation & Development

Creation and development of projects/partnerships

Capacity Training

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