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 VTA Tassin operates as a global ecosystem, collaborating with esteemed partners and experts worldwide to offer exceptional services to international clients. Fluent in both main diplomatic languages, French and English, the law firm actively promotes multilingualism and cultural diversity. Backed by a robust network composed from renowned law professors to leading scientists, VTA Tassin is well-equipped to address a wide array of missions and mandates and provide “à la carte” teams able to reply to Clients’ needs.

Edgard Cabrera

Edgard Cabrera is an Executive and International Advisor on Marine Meteorology, Oceanography and Maritime Affairs. He is currently Member of the Regional Planning Group for Tropical Americas and the Caribbean Region in charge of the implementation of the UN Decade of Ocean Science.

Former Chief of Ocean Affairs Division at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for 13 years, Edgard was responsible for the implementation of the Marine Meteorology and Oceanography Programme at WMO. Previously he had a successful career of 25 years + as a naval commissioned officer and physical oceanographer, serving in technical, scientific, academic, operational, and senior positions in the Colombian Navy and National Maritime Authority.

This unique professional experience includes roles as Naval Attaché to the Colombian Embassy in the United States, Secretary General to the Maritime Auhtority and Executive Secretary of the Colombian Commussion for the Oceans, Director of Marine Research and National Hydrographic Service of Colombia, Director of Research Oceanographic and Hydrographic Centres at the Colombian Navy in the Pacific Coast, and Dean of the Colombian Navy Academy’s Physical Oceanography Faculty.

Recently, Edgard has been working with the IMO, with UNCTAD, and with the IOC of UNESCO in the programmes/projects related to Hydrology, Meteorology, Climate and Marine activities. He is a highly experience international advisor and multilinguist (Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and German) with a unique experience in ocean and maritime affairs.

Edgard Cabrera
Me Stephanie Noel

S.Noël Law Office


Stéphanie Noël (Member of the Paris Bar and EU/EFTA Attorney-at-Law of the Geneva Bar) is the principal of S. Noël Law office (Geneva), specialized in international trade. She advises on all matters relating to market access, trade defence, WTO law and preferential trade agreements. She stands out for being communication and policy oriented. A sustainable trade enthusiast, she has been actively involved on issues pertaining to the trade and environment nexus.

Stéphanie has advised governments in the developed and developing worlds as well as businesses, NGOs and think tanks on various trade law issues: domestic measures which may impact trade (product regulations, labelling requirements, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, tax measures, measures relating to production processes and methods), trade defence proceedings across multiple jurisdictions and trade in services (notably digital trade), the negotiation and implementation of preferential trade agreements. Her litigation track record includes cases before the WTO dispute settlement body (panel & Appellate Body) and the Court of Justice of the European Union. She has experience of technical assistance and institutional capacity building.

Stéphanie holds LLMs in trade law (Paris V and Bond University, Australia), a master in international risk management (HEC Paris), and a PGD in economic policy (SOAS, University of London). She regularly speaks at conferences and has authored articles in specialist journals. She also serves as a member of the editorial board of the Global Trade & Customs Journal (Wolters Kluwer) and is co-founder of the Trade Policy Exchange. She practices in English and French.

She has been consistently listed among the world’s leading trade & customs lawyers by Who’s Who Legal (Trade & Customs) since 2018 and Thought Leader in Who’s Who Legal Switzerland 2021 for Trade & Customs.

Esteban Restrepo

Attorney at Law admitted in Colombia, specializing in public international law, Esteban Restrepo is a legal advisor and consultant, and member of the Legal Regulatory Committee of the Smart Cables Joint Task Force (ITU, WMO and IOC UNESCO). Between 2008 and 2023 he was Counsel for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia (Advisory for Asia, Africa and Oceania Bureau). Since 2014, Esteban has advised the Ministry on policy and legal issues of the Law of the Sea and of Space Law (Maritime and Space Affairs, Bureau of Territorial Sovereignty).

In the field of the Law of the Sea he possesses extensive experience in inter agency work in the fields of the legal regime of maritime zones and delimitation, marine environment and climate change, scientific research, fisheries and IUU fishing, navigation and maritime treaties, the Antartic program and multilateral and regional cooperation, for the formulation and execution of public policy strategies to develop the maritime capabilities of Colombia (Social and Economic Policy Council [Conpes] document 3990 of 2020 (March 30) “Colombia Bioceanic Power 2030”), covering the challenges for Colombia, concerning extended continental shelf both in the Caribbean and in the Pacific ocean, and a number of  legislative initiatives.

In the field of Space Law, in addition to the participation of Colombia in Copuos (UN Committee on the Pacific Uses of Outer Space), the legal regime of the geostationary orbit and the Congressional approval of the 1967 UN Treaty on the Principles Governing the Activities  of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, his work included the adoption of the national regulation of the registry of objects launched into outer space, the reform of the National Space Commission and the formulation and execution of  policy strategies for the adoption of space capabilities for economic competitiveness (the Social and Economic  Policy Council document [Conpes] 3983 of 2020 (January 30)), and its companion on international cooperation.

Previously, in addition to his professional practice, also held posts with the Office of the Vice President, the National Department of Planning, the Ministry of Trade and the National PECC Committee (Colpec), as well as academic positions and guest invitations with Kadir Has University of Istanbul, and the Rosario University, the Externado University and the Pontifical Xaverian University of Bogotá, among others. He obtained his Law Degree from the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Rosario University (JD merit, 1989) and has taken further degrees, specializing in the Law of the Sea (U Rosario, 2021), in Government and Finance (UExternado – SIPA, 1997) and in International Relations (LSE, 1991).