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Current issues addressed

To understand the current scope of work of VTA Tassin

  • Operational oceanography & Earth Observation: ocean governance and implementation of UNCLOS, positioning strategies (Europe)
  • Hydrography & Bathymetry: ocean data collection & use, governance (worldwide)
  • International organisations: creation & deployment strategies, rights, obligations & accountability, internal governance (Europe and worldwide)
  • Maritime delimitations: boundary negotiations (Asia)
  • Deep sea mining: national practice & regulation, exploitation code of ISA, precautionnary approach, advisory opinion strategies (worldwide)
  • Marine scientific research: new activities and scope of MSR (context of UN Decade of Ocean Science and IOC UNESCO) (worldwide)
  • Fishing: Overcapacity and Overfishing (advisory Opinion strategy), sustainable management of fisheries in conflict zones (Asia)
  • Shipping: sustainable development law, blue finance, IMO regulations incl. Sulphur Cap, ESG and Greenwashing (Asia)
  • Capacity Building & Technology Transfer: BBNJ Agreement  (ASEAN & Indian Ocean Region and Pacific)
  • Fisheries & Trade : fishery subsidies negotiations of WTO and developing countries (Pacific and Indian Ocean Region)
  • Navigation: protection of the marine environment in times of war, navigation of warships (Asia)
  • Biodiversity: BBNJ Agreement impact on the Private Sector and positioning strategies (Europe, Asia), Environmental Impact Assessment regulations, Marine Genetic resources & biotechnology, ESG & Biodiversity (worldwide)
  • Cooperation & partnerships: public-private and multistakeholders (Arctic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, South China Sea)
  • Ocean Data: access, sharing, analytics, Digital cooperation for sustainable development, digitalization policies (Europe and worldwide)
  • Exploration & exploitation: Access, development and management of activities related to seabed resources and marine genetic resources in various States (Europe and Africa)
  • ESG & Blue Finance: standards and criteria, sectoral strategies, biodiversity and environment pillars, Greenwashing prevention (Europe and Asia)


Latest conferences

To debate and share with any type of audiences

Law 2.0 Conference, Dubai December 2022


Founder Virginie Tassin Campanella is invited to attend the Law 2.0 Conference in Dubai this year to speak about legal innovation, the future of the legal profession and global perspectives for the legal sector. It will be the first time that Dr. Tassin Campanella shares her insights and experience on the practice of Public International Law

EureKare, Synthetic Biology, Monaco October 2022


Founder Virginie Tassin Campanella was invited to the EureKare conference in Monaco to present the state of international law applied to marine synthetic biology (access and use of marine resources, including DNA modified and geo-engineering activities on and above the marine environment).

Ocean & Women, Monaco March 2022

At the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2022, the Monaco Women’s Rights Committee invited Dr. Tassin Campanella to present and discuss, together with Nathalie Hilmi (Monaco Scientific  Centre) common issues faced by the ocean and women. The event took place at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco in presence of members of the Government of Monaco.

FIG - International Federation of Surveyors Congress, Netherlands September 2021

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to speak in the panel dedicated to “Oceans and Seas: SDG14 and a Smart Future” and presented issues and challenges related to the implementation of SDG14 to a multidisciplinary audience.

IBDMAR Congress, Brazil 2020


Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to speak at the IBDMAR Law of the Sea Congress on the Delimitation of the Extended Continental Shelf and its articulation with the Delineation Procedure. She shared a panel with Prof. Andre de Paiva Toledo & ITLOS Judge Cabello Sarrubi. The event was live on YouTube on 12th November.

Brazilian Law of the Sea Congress, Brazil 2020

 Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to speak at the Law of the Sea Brazilian Congress organised by Cedmar-Usp- Centro de Estudos em Direito do Mar “Vicente Marotta Rangel and the Academy of International Law (ABDI). This even is the largest and most traditional law of the sea event in Brazil. Dr. Tassin Campanella will be speaking on the 28th November.

FAO Sustainable Fishery Symposium, Rome 2019

 Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to take part of the Symposium dedicated to sustainable fisheries and the Science/Policy nexus.

Sustainable Ocean Summit, Paris 2019

Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella attended the SOS of the World Ocean Council last November.

Ocean MIT Solve Workshop, Tromso 2019

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to be part of the Ocean MIT Solve Workshop organized during the Arctic Innovation Week. 

At this occasion, she worked with diverse experts of various fields on Arctic challenges including data sharing, health, climate change and urban development, all related to ocean management issues.

World Maritime Conference, Shanghai 2019

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to attend the 110th Anniversary of the Shanghai Maritime University and co-chaired the Maritime Law Session of the World Maritime Conference organized during the celebrations. Dr. Tassin Campanella also presented the topic “The impact of the BBNJ Agreement on Maritime Activities” and addressed both upcoming challenges and opportunities for the maritime sectors & actors related to the implementation of the BBNJ Agreement of UNCLOS.

Ocean Studio Xynteo Exchange, Oslo 2019

Hosted by Microsoft and DNV GL, Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to act as Ocean Data Expert in the first Ocean Studio of Xynteo.

She guided over two days a group of around 15 professionals to address the challenge “Access and Sharing Ocean Data”.

30th Anniversary of the International Law Maritime Institute of Malta, Malta 2019

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to attend the 30th Graduation ceremony of the IMLI in presence of Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (“IMO”).

Latest news

A brief overview of the recent involvments of VTA Tassin around the World

New Partnership in Trade and Environment, October 2022


To strengthen their growing practice in Trade and Environment, S.Noël Law Office – International Trade Law & VTA Tassin – Public International Law firm for Ocean & Seas are delighted to announce their partnership. With niche expertises in Public International Law dedicated to Oceans & Seas, and International Trade & Law, both law firms will from now on work hand-in-hand on niche and complex topics such as plastic, fisheries, biodiversity and sustainable food systems.

With excellent knowledge of and ties with leading International Organisations (WTO, UNEP, FAO, IMO, UNESCO …), as well as with the European Union, the synergies operated by both law firms is designed to promote a holistic reading and understanding of Trade and Environment issues. This partnership intends to respond to complex legal and policy questions faced by private actors, and contribute to the development of international rules and standards

"Operating a Sustainable Shipping Business" - Capacity Building training delivered to the maritime sector of Singapore


In May 2022, Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella delivered a 4 days “à la carte” training for small, medium and big enterprise of the maritime sector in Singapore. The training covered Sustainable Development Law, International Maritime Law, Law the Sea, ESG/greenwashing and Sustainable Finance Principles. Designed to be practical, the training included exercises and roundtables with leaders from the Singapore maritime industry and international/regional organisations to discuss multistakeholders partnerships, ocean knowledge & research, and the way the private sector and Singapore can contribute to the sustainable development agenda locally, regionally, and internationally.

Deepsea Mining: VTA Tassin represents the French IUCN Committee before the French Senate


In April 2022, Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella, UICN Legal Expert, represented the French Committee of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature before the French Senate for a hearing on Exploration, Protection and Exploitation of the deep seabed. Many of the arguments raised by Dr. Tassin were mentioned in the final report of the French Senate issued in June 2022.

Promotion as VP Scientific Council (INDEMER, Monaco)


Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella was promoted ,in June 2021, by Royal Ordinance of Prince Albert II of Monaco as Vice President of the Scientific Council of the Economic Law of the Sea Institute (INDEMER) of Monaco.

Member - Organising Committee, Kadir Has Law of the Sea Summer Academy (Turkey)

Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella was invited to join the Organizing Comittee of the Law of the Sea Summer Academy of Kadir Has University, joining the original founders, Aslihan Acikel & Louis Savadogo.

Appointment as Member of Scientific Council (INDEMER, Monaco)

Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella was appointed in June 2020 by Royal Ordinance of Prince Albert II of Monaco as a member of the Scientific Council of the Economic Law of the Sea Institute (INDEMER) of Monaco along eminent scholars.

VTA Tassin acts as member of UNDESA/ Sulitest / Mercator Ocean International Working Group (SDG 14)


Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited in July 2020 to join an expert group created under the umbrella of partnership between the United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs (UNDESA), Sulitest and Mercator Ocean International to design a  free of charge and pluridisciplinary learning module on SDG14.

Authoring of ITLOS Mooc Case 2020

Dr. Tassin Campanella was invited to write the 2020 ITLOS Mooc Case which will be run during the next Brazilian Law of the Sea Congress of IBDMAR in November 2020 (online). 

Entitled “Dispute concerning the fishing practices of Azurius in the EEZ of Calypso in the Stellar Sea” , the case deals with IUU Fishing, Flag State, Due Diligence, State of Necessity and Climate Change.

ITLOS Judges Elsa Kelly and Oscar Catello Sarubbi will be assessing the work of the international pleading teams. 

New partnership on Sustainable Ocean Management in the India Ocean Region



VTA Tassin is partnering with C&C Advisors, an award winning indian law firm to work on sustainable ocean management in the Indian ocean region (September 2020). Services and executive progammes for public and private actors are being deployed.


Latest publications

To promote knowledge sharing to any actors, be they novices or experts 

The Ocean & Humans: One but Many (2019)

Article written by Dr. Tassin Campanella in the Blue Book “Copernicus for a Sustainable Ocean” addressing the social impacts of Ocean Governance.

Between freedom and control: the regulation of marine scientific research on the continental shelf (2018)

Article written by Dr. Tassin Campanella  published in the book “Knowing the Oceans for Achieving Sustainable Development” (INDEMER, Pedone, 2018)

Le plateau continental (2017)

Article written in French by Dr. Tassin Campanella published in  “Traité de droit international de la mer”  (Forteau & Thouvenin Dir), (Pedone, 2017).

International Seabed Authority + European Union Chronicles (2010-2017)

Chronicles written by Dr. Tassin Campanella (around 30 pages each) published since 2010/2012 in the Annuaire du droit de la mer (INDEMER, Pedone)

La contribution de l'affaire Bangladesh / Inde au droit international (2016)

Authored by Dr. Tassin Campanella and published in the Annuaire Français du Droit International 2014

Territorial and Maritime Dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia) (2016)

Authored by Dr. Tassin Campanella and published in the book entitled “Latin America and the International Court of Justice”, JM Sorel and PW Almeida (eds), Routledge 2016, pp. 225-236.

Latest teachings

To make the new generations aware of the importance and fragility of oceans & seas and hopefully to inspire some vocations!


Law of the Sea Academy - Kadir Has University (since 2018)


Dr. Tassin Campanella taught in

– 2018:  “Protection and preservation of the marine environment “, “Maritime areas beyond national jurisdiction: the Area”;

– 2019: “Principles of protection and preservation of the marine environment”, “Various types of damages to the marine   environment”;

– 2021: “Protection of Marine (Bio)Diversity” and “Deepsea Mining”

– 2022: ” The BBNJ Implementing Agreement of UNCLOS” and “The 1994 Implementing Agreement of UNCLOS on Part XI”


Nippon Foundation Programme - ITLOS (2018 & 2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella delivered a class to  Nippon Fellows of ITLOS on the Delimitation of the Extended Continental Shelf (cases 23 and 16 of ITLOS) (in English).

Nanterre University (2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella is teaching a class  on the “Marine Environment: Protection & Resources) designed for Master Students and Professionals (25h in French)

Lille University (Law) (2018 - 2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella is teaching a class on Pollution & Oceanology to Master Students of the Law of the Sea Master (20h in French)

HEC Paris (2018 & 2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella is teaching undergraduate students a pluridisciplinary class on “International Ocean Governance” (20h in English)

Sciences Po Paris (2016-2019)

Dr. Tassin Campanella co-created and is co-teaching a simulation class “Richelieu 3.0” designed for Master Students of Sciences Po and HEC on Maritime strategy and sustainable development (8h in French).