VTA Tassin

A public international law firm advising all ocean & space actors

Founded in 2016

VTA Tassin views international law as a dynamic force, extending beyond mere negotiation, drafting and dispute resolution to encompass impactful implementation. It offers a multitude of keys to support stakeholders in effecting enduring changes to guide economic, social and environmental impacts.

In the realm of policy, a pivotal role is played in the implementation of law. While policies related to international spaces and resources are burgeoning, the crucial link with law is often overlooked, hindering effective design, use, and implementation. This misalignment leads to a common misunderstanding of the relationship between law and policy. Attorneys, drawing from their unique practical experiences navigating the obstacles and pathways to law implementation, play a pivotal role in shaping policy.

The rapid pace of technological advancement, driven by industrial interests spearheading new activities, necessitates a comprehensive understanding and application of international law and policy. This is vital for gaining credibility, ensuring legal and investment security, and ultimately fortifying business development and positioning for both public and private entities.

Addressing this imperative, VTA Tassin offers unparalleled advisory and capacity-building services to a global international audience. With a distinctive proficiency in operating within a multidisciplinary and multicultural environments, particularly on intricate scientific and technical subjects, the law firm has earned a strong reputation for delivering unique services in international law and policy. VTA Tassin takes pride in making international law not only accessible but also of significant business value to the private sector and civil society, extending beyond traditional State-centric applications.


Att. Dr. Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella

Founder & Managing Director

Avocat à la Cour (Paris Bar, 2016), EU/EFTA Attorney-at-law (Zürich Bar, 2019) and double Doctor in Law (Sorbonne & Melbourne, 2010), Dr. Tassin Campanella is the Founder and Managing Director of the Law Firm “VTA Tassin”, a pioneering Public International Law firm dedicated to Oceans and Seas advising and delivery capacity training services to the private sector, investors, foundations, associations, NGOs, international and regional organisations as well as States.

Acclaimed Attorney (Outstanding Leadership Award 2022, Prominent Woman in International Law in Switzerland 2023, Global Expert Law Leader 2023), and award-winning acedemic in the Law of the Sea (PhD Prize INDEMER  Monaco 2011, ESDHC Brazil 2015),  she has been named in 2023 by the French Leading Economic Journal, les Echos, “Avocat de l’Océan”. Her unique practice in the field of international law also led the Global Law Expert Repository to create in 2023 a new category “Sea and Ocean” to reflect her practice.

Her practice covers a wide range of private and public actors and sectors (conservation, space, shipping, fishing, telecom, mining, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, investment…) and topics such as Deepsea mining; Ocean data access use and management; Maritime boundaries negotiations and dispute settlement; Ocean Observation and Mapping (satellite and in situ); Sustainable shipping; ESG and Sustainability Law (incl. Greenwashing); Fisheries and oil cooperation in dispute areas; Joint Development Zones;  Management and Protection of Natural Resources (Outer Space & Ocean), Environmental Protection, Security & Peace (Outer Space and Ocean); Trade and Environment (fisheries, plastic, biodiversity, minerals); Access, management and use of Biodiversity (incl. genetic resources);  Creation/transformation of International or Regional Organizations; Transboundary pollution; Ocean/Space Governance and Blue/Space Diplomacy, UN affairs…

To do so, Dr. Tassin Campanella not only cover fields such as Law of the Sea and Environmental Law, her work integrates International Space Law, International Investment Law, International Trade Law, the Law of International Organization, International Human Rights, International Resources Law or International Climate Law. She thus embraces the full spectrum of Public International Law applied to Spaces (Ocean and Outer Space) and Resources. She has furthermore a niche expertise in the challenges associated to the Science-Policy-Business nexus, with issues related to science, innovation and technology, and for making international law easily understandable and of business value to the private sector.

Dr. Tassin Campanella regularly acts as counsel or legal expert before International and Regional Organisations, including the European Union, the World Bank, the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), the International Oceanographic Commission of the UNESCO, The General Bathymetric Chart of the Ocean (GEBCO) – including the 2030 Seabed Programme, the IUCN France and IUCN World (Ocean Group) on various public international law & policy topics related to the law of international spaces & resources.

She also possesses a unique experience in international dispute settlement. Former Associate Legal Officer of the International Tribunal for the Law of the sea (ITLOS), Dr. Tassin Campanella worked on the 2011 Seabed Advisory Opinion (Seabed Dispute Chamber), the Bangladesh/Myanmar case, the M/V Louisa Case (St Vincent and the Grenadines vs. Spain), and the M/V Virginia G. Case (Panama vs. Guinea Bissau). Based on her experience at ITLOS, she regularly provide advice on the feasibility of advisory opinions on a wide scope of subjects, including fisheries, deep sea mining and ocean sciences.

Dr. Tassin Campanella is currently Vice President of the scientific council of the Economic Law of the Sea Institute of Monaco (INDEMER), International Counsel of the Brazilian Law of the Sea Institute (IBDMAR), and Member of the Organizing Committee of the Kadir Has Law of the Sea Summer Academy (Turkey). She is often invited as a guest professor and key note speaker in leading universities, business schools and institutions (such as ITLOS – Nippon Foundation classes) around the world.

With 30+ research articles, chapters and chronicles as well as three books on Law of the Sea issues (Les défis de l’extension du plateau continental 2010, Guide to the Navigation of Marine Biological Diversity Beyond National Jurisdiction 2017, and Routledge Handbook on Seabed Mining & the Law of the Sea, 2024), Dr. Tassin Campanella is a well known thought leader in the field, and a regular guest of high-profile international conferences around the world. French native speaker, she speaks fluently English, as well as Italian, German and a bit of Spanish and is able to work perfectly in the two main diplomatic languages.


Virginie Tassin Campanella


+41 76 438 58 21

+ 15 years experience in Public International Law, and the Law of International Spaces and Resources (Ocean and Outer Space)

Award-winning researcher & Attorney in Public International Law & Law of the Sea

A rich international education conducted in Australia & France in Law, Commerce & Leadership

A unique international work experience in Asia-Pacific, Europe & Latin America

A pluridisciplinary mind shaped through International Law, International Relations, Sustainable Development, Commerce & Leadership

A commitment to continuous professional development





  • 2007-2010: PhD in Law (Melbourne Law School, Melbourne University, Grade 1)
    • Subject: The Extension of the Continental Shelf
    • Law of the Sea, Public International Law, International Environmental Law, Ocean Governance
    • PhD Prize of INDEMER of Monaco (2011)
  • 2007-2010Doctorat de droit public, (The Sorbonne Law School, The Sorbonne University, Mention très honorable, Prize for Publication and Funding for Publication)
    • Subject: The Extension of the Continental Shelf
    • Law of the Sea, Public International Law, International Environmental Law, Ocean Governance
    • PhD Prize of INDEMER of Monaco (2011)
  • 2009: Graduate Certificate of Advanced Learning & Leadership (Melbourne School of Graduate Studies, Melbourne University)
    • Sustainable Development, Leadership, Creation & Management of projects
    • Community Garden Project “Natopia” (Sustainable Development, Food security, Urban Heat)
  • 2006: Graduate Diploma of Commerce (Sydney Business School, Sydney University)
    • Global Environmental Politics, International Politics of Human Rights, Development issues in Southeast Asia, Forces of Change in International Relations, Commerce, Human Resources, Marketing
  • 2005: Master of International Economic Law (The Sorbonne Law School, Sorbonne University, Mention Assez Bien)
    • WTO Law, Banking & Finance, International Investment & International Trade, Law of the Sea
  • Continued Professional Development (Certificates):
    • 2020: Corporate Sustainability (New York University, Sustainable Business Center)
    • 2019: Environmental Security & Sustaining Peace (United Nations Environment Program, Duke & Columbia Universities)
    • 2014: Understanding Europe (HEC Paris)
    • 2008: The Good and Bad Use of Marine Space : the Example of the Mediterranean Sea (European Summer Academy, Montpellier University
    • 2005: Public International Law  (The Hague Academy of International Law)